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Amazingly, the first month of the year is nearly over. Before we know it, December 2012 is upon us! Is it just me or does time seem to be on overdrive lately, zooming and streaking past, leaving specks of dust from unfinished tasks in its wake. Before I get lost in my random ruminations, let me do our very first round-up post for January, which shall likewise be our contribution for the Carnival of Children’s Literature which is hosted this month by Delightful Children’s Books.

Our bimonthly theme for November and December which has a spill-over until the middle of January was on Poetry-Filled Yuletide Cheer. Since we simply love participating in Poetry Fridays, we thought that we might as well allow poetry to overtake our sensibilities and do it on a daily basis. This, by far, is one of my absolute favorite bimonthly themes. It gave me so much joy to review quite a number of novels-in-verse. We wanted to do more, but realistically, we could only do so much. We were actually thinking of doing a repeat of the novels-in-verse theme in the near future, we shall see how that goes. Here are some of the books that we featured these past two months:

Margarita Engle. To say that we have fallen in love with Margarita Engle would be an understatement. As such we have managed to feature three of her books for our theme. Click on the thumbnails to be taken to our reviews.

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