Due Diligence


Since members of the Board has extensive experience in working with over 40 NGO’s, initially Give2Sri Lanka assistance will be provided to NGO’s which are familiar to Board Members as well governed and managed.

A process of due diligence will be applied to all other NGO’s seeking partnership, by a nominated team, led by the Chairman.

The NGO partner due diligence will entail a process to ensure compliance with fiscal, legal and regulatory norms currently being followed in Sri Lanka. This, amongst other information, will require an NGO to give details about its board members, governance, financials, detailed review of 1 to 3 years audited financial statements and accounts, organizational structure and a broad program review.

Due Monitoring and Evaluation of partner projects will be carried out by Give2SriLanka as an obligation towards its mission to ensure proper utilization of donations.

We ensure that no less than 90% of your contribution reaches the cause you support.