Chairman’s Message



My foray into the NGO sector was driven by my childhood ambition to serve the underprivileged.After ending my career in Finance as Finance Manager of State Trading Consolidated Exports the then largest exporter from Sri Lanka and earning adequate money in Oman to do a MBA in States I joined Sarvodaya to from SEEDS the first best practice micro finance agency in Sri Lanka declining an offer double to salary from Citibank.

Despite my lack of knowledge in development or micro finance I saw it as an opening to align my career with my life goals. SEEDS was to help over 300,000 families and went on to become the largest NGO in the island.

Next I formed Berendina with funding from a Dutch family trust and in partnership with two colleagues from SEEDS. However in order to supplement the funding received from the Dutch, the directors of Berendina took the risk of obtaining funds from commercial banks by offering their personal assets as collateral. This enabled Berendina to accumulate a Rs. 1.0 billion fund to serve an additional 40,000 families in loans and training. The rate

of success of repayment of loans has been almost 100%.Meanwhile I also consulted for WB, ADB, UNDP, New York, IFAD, FAO, DFID, etc. in 15 countries and extensively in Sri Lanka. I also worked as a Program Director of IUCN for 3 years and head of program for IUCN in Cambodia for a year and as Asian Regional Advisor in micro business for a Richmond based INGO named Child Fund for 3 years.

Give2Lanka was started in August 2015 at Berendina to raise funds to give 10,000 scholarships for under privileged but bright children by 2020 and ensuring support for higher education and employment. We have realized that there is much to be done. There is a need to raise funds not only to support scholarships and poverty alleviation but engage and support other charitable organizations in Sri Lanka with similar objectives. Several charitable organizations are affected by funding cuts due to the movement of foreign funding away from Sri Lanka to under-developed countries. Sri Lanka is witnessing a fast pace growth and the affluence among the rich and middle class families are bound to grow whilst the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. In this Give 2 Lanka sees opportunity in tapping the wealthy and middle class families who wish to support in bridging the gap left by foreign funding agencies. As Chairman of Give2Lanka with over thirty years in the NGO sector as Evaluator, Partner and Board member and our team of Board members and staff from diverse disciplines, gives us the knowledge, strength and confidence in identifying the right projects and partners to support and work with.

The promise that we owe is to reduce the pain and suffering among the underprivilegedand to open windows of opportunities for those who are willing to go forward in their education and career. Your partnership with us will truly enable us to deliver the promise of a better life among these people. This cannot be achieved without your help.

Please join us in this journey and appreciate the pleasure of givingfor a worthy cause.

Dulan De Silva